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Nico Kuusela
This involves some bias, yes. But anyways.

Yeah, a fall out happened with me and my RL friend that I've known since elementary school. Though its been goin' on for a while, us just simply havin' gone in less agreeable ways. I've always had some issues in touchiness or being butthurt over being given advice when not asked for it and such. Then again, he has something of a holier-than-thou attitude, whether or not any justification. It can also be the attitude screwing up any message.

And here's a quote from him; "You can't/wouldn't learn so I have to TEACH you!" That and accusing of hugboxing which this may or may not be. Though I'm admittin' I'm no saint either.

Not gonna say here he's a hater type even if he sometimes may have had attitudes of "I know better than you, so stop liking something just because you don't hate it!"

Granted, could admit its also jealousy over seeing someone finish up games left and right and get generally better in (some) fighting games. Which can happen when people tell me "OMG I finished this game and got 100% of everything on it, what about you? 8D". Happened with an online buddy earlier tonight and I went and threw in what I was intending to be as a joke but I came across hurtful and made him feel really bad.

Then again, I got other hobby things to do in my free time as well, like this comic and tabletop wargaming and other stuff. I'm taking a nicely painted army on my shelf over an e-dick extension any day.

Now, in any case need to find that one dvd (or if it comes down to it, buy another copy) and return that along with the Daimos figure and accessories and stuff.

Sorry it had to end up like this but can't assume either party be that much more mature.

I blame crap being taken too seriously on either side.

However, I will cherish the good memories and such we've had over the years. Random stuff like recallin' going to sum conventions and movies together, good times while visiting eachother's places, watchin' fun stuff and gaming and all. Even if I did most of the cooking, though enjoyed it. At least had sum stuff to eat afterwards too. Heh, even remembering some times from looooong ago when had my aunt drive us to places before we did that on ourselves. Recalling readin' up stuff like the G-Fan mags for example, when we were and still be kaiju-movie fans and... and anyways.

Anti-climatic end is anti-climatic on this journal.

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Onnea synttäri sankarille, nauti "lahjasta" :D…
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Huomasin että sinulla on tulossa vanha kunnon B-Day. Aattelin tehä jotain erikoista tähän kesän tylsyyteen, joka voisi yhtä hyvin olla eräänlainen "synttäri kiitos lahja" kunnioittamaan (ja kiittämään) noista sinun huvittavista ja piristävistä valokuvasarjakuvistasi :D
Julkaisu päivä 25.6.

P.S. Onnea etukäteen synttäri sankarille :D
Mrtrainfreak12 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
happy early birthday!
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Hi.  I'm on Deviant Art now :)
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Merry Christmas dude!
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Thank you for Favorites and for watch! 
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